Pawnee Elementary Magic Show – My prop was mopped up!


There’s always something different about every magic show. Every once in awhile something happens that I find pretty funny, whether it’s a special moment on stage or something else fun.

While preparing for a show at Pawnee Elementary, I prepared a can of soda so that I could talk about recycling for a brief moment and do a cool trick with the soda. I was performing in the gym, and I set the coke can down next to the trash can to the side of the stage, so that the students would think it was more believable than a can that is just sitting on my magic table.

I didn’t think anything about it until it was time to perform the trick – as I walked over to the can, it was gone! I had to skip it and move on to the next trick, only giggling to myself! I discovered after the show that the janitor had seen the coke can and had thrown it away and mopped up the area – very stealthily I might add!

Either way, it was still a fun show!