Corporate Stage Show

Perfect after dinner entertainment.

Just because it's a stage show doesn't mean there needs to be a stage. Just move a few tables and that's good enough for fun!

Listen to the excitement in their voices and on their faces! It's not just great magic, it's exciting to watch your friends and associates help the magician! Watch Magic Scott read minds in a fun way, cards shoot out of the deck. The best part? The unpredictable looks of amazement and delight of the volunteers!

(Click PLAY button for a sample magic show!)

Scott Henderson at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

Scott's most popular tricks that you won't want to miss:

  • Watch a dollar bill instantly change into a $100 dollar bill, just inches from your face!
  • Draw a picture on a playing card and put it back into the deck. Unbelievably, it appears folded up inside three boxes that were being held on the other side of the room the whole time! And yes - it's your EXACT picture!
  • Watch your card slowly rise up out of a deck of cards, all while you are holding the deck! And YES!... you can examine everything!
  • A bill is borrowed from the audience and the serial number is noted -- then it appears on the other side of the room in just an instant!

Whether you are looking for a full show for a large audience, or are entertaining clients at your hospitality suite, Magic Scott's shows are proven to delight the senses of your guests!

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