Corporate Close Up Magic

Have Scott walking around bringing smiles and amazement directly to your guests. This is often great for face Sometimes magic is even more fun when it's close up. Magic Scott is incredibly fun! As you can see in the picture to the left, close-up magic can be incredibly fun. This photo was taken at a country club during a company Christmas/Holiday party!With close-up magic, you can expect to see amazing things like a one dollar bill changing into a hundred dollar bill. You”ll experience mind reading, where Magic Scott will guess the exact number someone was thinking, or perhaps the exact amount of change in their pocket. Sleight of hand You”ll see Magic Scott”s sleight of hand highlighted in the close up shows, where he”ll shuffle cards one handed, and make cards and coins appear and disappear in an instant! One on One – Personal People freak out when they see Scott do close-up magic. Why? Because they know that they are helping him achieve the trick, and they know they aren’t “in on it” so the only other explanation is that it must be magic! Memorable When magic happens in your hands, with your dollar bill, or with your coin it's very memorable. You”ll hear the crisp snap of the cards as they spring from hand to hand, as well as the subtle gasps for breath as people try to contain their amazement.