Birthday Shows

Birthday Shows

Birthday party shows are so different from specialized magic shows that I created a separate website to just talk about Birthday Party magic shows. But, before you head over to my other website, here are the basic details:

Fun and memorable

Chances are, you'll only do a magic-themed birthday party once. That means you want a fun, fast-paced, hilarious magic show. You want to not just entertain the kids, but keep the adults having fun and engaged too - and with Magic Scott, he'll delight the whole audience.

Every child and adult will have a great time

Of course the birthday kid gets showered with plenty of positive attention and gets to help with the best tricks - the levitation illusion, Houdini the psychic bunny, and if it's age-appropriate, the arm chopper illusion.

So easy for you!

It's easy to be a Rock Star parent! Just call Magic Scott and ask him about his rates and options. He'll talk you through everything with a free informational call. Call it a free magic birthday party consultation!

Here are the three basic birthday party packages:

PLATINUM MAGIC SHOW PACKAGE (contact for price):
30 minutes of magic lessons just for the birthday child and a couple of friends prior to the show.
45 minute magic show including all the best tricks - Houdini the psychic bunny, the Levitation Illusion where the birthday child floats almost 3 feet off the air, and more!

GOLDĀ MAGIC SHOW PACKAGE (contact for price):
45 minute magic show including all the best tricks as described above, but without the magic lessons in the platinum package.

SILVERĀ MAGIC SHOW PACKAGE (contact for price):
30 minute show. Still a ton of fun, and plenty of great tricks. The 30 minute show does not include the Levitation Illusion. Also, with the 30 minute show, although the birthday child will still be the star and help with all the great tricks, the other audience members won't have as many chances to help. However, this is still a great choice for parents who are looking to either spend a bit less, or for those who have other activities planned where a 45 minute magic show would take up too much time.

Magic Scott can customize a birthday package just for you.

The shows above are centered around childrens' birthday parties, however Magic Scott performs at dozens of adult birthday parties as well. The shows for adult birthday parties are completely different and more like a corporate show. (contact for prices). And.....A strolling magician is a great addition to a surprise party!

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For a website dedicated specifically to Magic Scott performing birthday party magic shows, check out (Link will open in a new window).

A quick note from Magic Scott about performing birthday party magic shows in Kansas City for over 17 years...
I got started in magic doing close-up walk-around magic for families at restaurants and private events, and naturally, many of them invited me to their homes to perform parties for their children.To me, this is the ultimate compliment -- when someone enjoys the magic so much, they want to share it with those that they love, and often this is through having me perform at a birthday party.(Unlike the corporate shows, where I'll travel around the country to perform, usually birthday parties are performed in my hometown, Kansas City. Although I've been known to travel as far as the middle of Kansas or to St. Louis if the timing works out!)