Anti-Bullying Program

Working with teachers, parents, and school principals, Magic Scott has developed a truly remarkable Anti-Bullying show. This will change the lives of your students. It’s that simple. Click Play in the video to see clips from a real show, then contact Scott for special pricing and availability.

BAND Together to stop bullying

The B-A-N-D acronym is used and featured throughout the show to help kids remember four key items about bullying. The kids will learn to BAND together to help stop bullying at your school.

Proven Results

This program was introduced in 2011 and gets better every year! School counselors, PTA groups, and Principals continue to book the show again and again because of the proven success. It’s a great compliment the the bullying program you already have in place. In addition to great comments from school counselors, school principals, vice-principals, and teachers – we’ve actually implemented student surveys a month before and a month after the show – the results showed increased awareness of bullying, and especially how to handle a bullying situation.  If there’s a specific message that you’d like Scott to get across in addition to the main program, just let him know and he can customize it!

Great kick off

What a great way to quick start your own anti-bullying program. This gets kids excited about helping others and preventing bullying. Plus it’s just a great positive message that kids need to hear. It helps compliment the existing program you have in place, because Scott will customize the message to work with how you report bullying, or any other special message you’d like delivered. This can compliment the anti-bullying show. Alternatively, the pre-built show is a great anti-bullying message that will help reduce bullying and educate about what to do if someone sees a bullying situation at any school.